Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yeah, I could live here.

Bainbridge Island is a beautiful place to live and a short ferry ride from Seattle. In fact, many people live on Bainbridge Island and commute daily to downtown Seattle for work. I used to work at Qwest Field and had considered that as an option, but changed careers and stayed put in our little town north of Seattle. But, if money was no object and careers not withstanding, I'd take a 2nd look at this beautiful home!

Great curb appeal and it looks like a stamped concrete driveway.

Front entryway. I love all the natural light pouring into the entry way. The Northwest can get cloudy and gray much of the year so its nice to see builders take advantage of windows and allow the sunlight (or cloudy skies) in!

This looks like the family room and I love the wood floors and curved wall of windows showcasing the fabulous view!

This might be an office, and if so, what a breathtaking view!

My dream kitchen! I love the painted cabinets and they appear to be a pale creamy yellow color. The farmhouse sink is fabulous as is the huge gas stove! I'm envious of the pantry in the background!!

The master suite bathroom. I love the light fixtures!

You'll have to use a little imagination in these two rooms as they're not staged, but they take advantage of the views and were painted really nice, calming colors!

I particularly like this wall color!!

At first I wasn't sure if I like the tile in this bathroom but it's growing on me. Very creative and cute bathroom and I love the penny tile floor!

The best part of the property!

Seattle in the background.

More can be found about this home HERE.

(All images from Windermere Real Estate)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cozy Family Room

The weather has been cloudy, rainy, generally yucky...but I love to come home to my family room, light a few candles and play some good music!

What do you like to do to relax after a long day?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rob Lowe's Beach House. Literally.

I'm a huge fan of Parks and Recreation and love Rob Lowe's character on the show. I was also surprised at how much I loved his beach home that was shown on the Oprah show HERE. It's nice to see a well grounded normal person behind the good looks!

His beach home seems to have a lot of contrast with the light walls and dark wood but it's kept it simple and classic with a hint of eclecticism with the art.

You can also see more of his home by the designer Jonathan Barnett Interior Design, Inc. HERE.

(Images from Jonathan Barnett Interior Design, Inc.)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Straight Out of Cottage Living

I was looking at homes locally and came across this cute home. The exterior does remind me of something straight out of the magazine Cottage Living. The interior is a little more traditional but very cute! It's listed by Tanya Mock and more information can be found HERE.

I like the different, muted colors on the home accenting the picket fence pattern near the roofline. This home was built in 1888 by a home builder/carpenter J.S. White and it reminds me of the carpenter details you see on a lot of little homes in the area.

The front parlor looks like it was converted into a formal dining area. I love the traditional fireplace next to the dining room...a little unexpected but really adds some drama to the room.

That really is a gorgeous fireplace!

This must be the family room. The owner used dark paint colors in these rooms but seems to get away with it due to the crown molding (which is fabulous) and the beadboard wainscoting. Is that a tin ceiling?

Another fireplace? How cool or should I say warm? Ha ha! This homeowner must have some design aesthetic as the drapes look custom made and are hung high to accent the height of the windows and of the room.

This looks like a butler's pantry. How lucky to have one especially in such a small house (around 1,300'). As small as this house is on paper, it feels larger due to the extra storage the pantry provides.

This kitchen is phenomenal with the wood walls! It's unusual but must have been uncovered while renovating. What an exciting thing to discover!

I like the barn light above the sink! Oh, and the sink is a farmhouse it! And there's subway tile. Again, I think a designer had a hand in all of this as its very well thought out.

A lot of natural light in the kitchen with that large window.

Laundry room looks functional and I think I spy more wood work on the walls.

I love the fact that the homeowner kept this room simple with white paint but you can still see all the trim/molding/beadboard. I think I spy the Pottery Barn numbered hooks. I've seen them in the catalog for coats and jackets but what a clever way to hang towels!

This must be the boy's nursery. Several things jumped out at me. One being the chalkboard painted closet door which I think says, "Sweet Child O'Mine" which goes perfectly with the rocker vibe I see in the room. You typically don't see an electric guitar hung in a nursery but it totally works here. I think I see a "Who" album cover on the wall too. Love it!

This must be the master bedroom. Looks small but its a small house. It's cute with the variations of yellow on the wall to accent the beadboard.

The office. Again, several hues of yellow on the walls to accent the chair rail molding. The room has formal window treatments but the furniture fits that style and how stylish to have a chandelier in your office!

The exterior front door. The home was built in 1888 and it looks like the homeowners have done a great job keeping the house preserved without making it look like a museum. Nicely done! I looked at the listing and it's $299,000! Great deal and I expect someone to snap it up quickly!

(All images from Tanya Mock at Windermere Real Estate)