Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pacific Northwest Modern

When I think of the term "Pacific Northwest Modern", this condo in Bellingham, WA is exactly what comes to mind.

Since the pacific northwest can be gloomy and gray with all the cloud cover, its nice to see so many windows.

I always wondered if the home owners have to get used to living in a "fish bowl" at night since all the neighbors can see in?

The windows allow the homeowners to take in the spectacular views particularly at sunset. I see two problems with the staging of this home. First the furniture seems out of scale with the size of the room and height of the ceiling and secondly, as beautiful as the carpet is, it would have been so much nicer with hardwood floors.

The kitchen matches the style of the home with clean, contemporary lines and shows off the beautiful woodwork.

Oddly enough I love the concrete ceilings.

This condo was staged a little better and I prefer the hardwood floors to the carpet in the previous condo. The simple cut wood artwork on the walls is interesting.

And of course the view. You just can't go wrong with a view of water!

(images from Windermere Real Estate)

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Comfortable Home

While lounging around the house this morning I realized I've had photos of this home on my computer desktop for a month but kept forgetting to post it. Its in the great neighborhood of Capital Hill and has an amazing 5,360 square feet!

I believe it's a Dutch Colonial styled home and what caught my attention (besides the well manicured lawn) was the different paint scheme in the covered entryway.

You get a better look here. I love that painted black front door!

The foyer is large and perfect with all the windows allowing natural light into the room.

The foyer opens up into the living room which is clutter free. Perfect staging for home selling!

The dining room is off the living room and has an interesting paint scheme. I like to see homes where people treat the ceiling as the 5th wall and add color to it. Don't be shy with color on the ceilings! I also love the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired area rug and all the gorgeous millwork in this room!

The floor plan of this house is interesting and more contemporary than expected as the foyer also leads to the family room. There is great detail in this room with the custom made wood cabinet and the beautiful stone fireplace.

The slate flooring adds a rustic element to the home and blends perfectly with the hardwood floors.

The kitchen has a good flow to it and is beautiful with the slate flooring and dark hardwood cabinetry.

As much as I love the glass tile backsplash, I keep wishing they had picked a different color other than the light blue.

But I LOVE that La Cornue Stove!!!

As large as the home is, it has a comfortable, intimate feel to it. I can add this home to my "if I won the lottery list". :)

If interested, more details can be found here.

(images from Windermere Real Estate)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

American Idiot Musical

I think a lot of people are surprised when they find out that I love Green Day.

And I love NPR.

I oxymoron right? Back in May, NPR's Fresh Air's host Terry Gross interviewed Billie Joe Armstrong and it was really interesting. You'll have to save some time to listen to this interview about the band and the musical as it's a long interview, but well worth your time!