Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I could live here.

Really. You wouldn't have to twist my arm. Okay, I think any of us would be more than willing to live in this Seattle home! It has the best blend of luxury without being pretentious and the waterfront landscaping is breathtaking!

From the front, it looks unassuming.

When you walk in the home, you can tell the owner takes great pride in her/his home and is talented with Interior Design. I would guess she/he is an Interior Designer or really keeps up with the home magazines.

The deck is a great place to relax and enjoy the views!

But wait till you see the backyard!

(All images from Windermere and the home listing/specifics can be found here)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Making Every Inch Count

This garden was featured recently in Seattle Homes & Lifestyles magazine and it's breathtaking! Landscape designer Scot Eckley, owner of Scot Eckley Inc., transformed his own small home garden in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle.

The blueprint for the garden.

Behind the dining table, there is bench seating with a raised planter of lettuce. They call it their "salad bar".

They added a thoughtful touch to the fountain with a spigot at the bottom and carved stone bowl so their dog can drink water.

I like the antique iron gate with the contemporary horizontal wood fencing!

I like the simplicity of the empty wine bottle holding the freshly picked flowers from the garden.

I want to know where they got the rain barrel...very cool!

(all images from Seattle Homes & Lifestyles)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beach Home

This home is located in Suquamish (near Bainbridge Island) and has a great beach house vibe to it. It's for sale for the surprising price of $850,000. While that is a lot of money, it's a great price for a home that is waterfront property and just seconds from Bainbridge Island.

You can't go wrong with this classic exterior shingle siding.

I like that they used French doors for the entryway to let more natural light into the space

The kitchen is to die for with the mosaic glass tile backsplash. I could live with the Viking stainless steel appliances too :)

Fabulous views from nearly every room!

I love all the natural light flooding into the second floor landing

These two pictures below prove you can paint the ceiling something other than white!

The master suite bathroom has oversized square tiles that are unique.

The guest suite bathroom also has unique slate floor tiles.

This home's property ends on this wonderful sandy beach with views of Agate Pass.

What a relaxing space to unwind! Sigh.

(all images from Windermere Real Estate)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Whidbey Island Veggie Garden Tour 2010

I'm really late in posting these photos! This tour was a month ago and I'm finally getting around to moving them off my camera to the computer. This tour was in the southern part of the island primarily around Langley (which is the cutest town if you ever visit the island)!

Two hour wait in Mukilteo to board the ferry! The rain started at this point which was a little bit of a disappointment as I was hoping for sunshine that day.

We stopped at the Farmer's Market and they had this cute outdoor shower for sale. You can order this and read about the builder HERE. It would be perfect by the beach!

Tomato Grow Operation.

Beautiful farmland.

Whidbey Island Wildlife.

This could feed a neighborhood!

Cute entrance to another vegetable garden.

Love the bright colors in the garden!

Husband hanging out with the sunflowers (or trying to keep out of the rain)

Thoughtful owners

Clever cutout on the door to the chicken coop

Bees are busy...

The founder of the kitchen shop Sur La Table had her vegetable garden on the tour and it was a spectacular raised bed garden! You can read more about her home/garden HERE.

Her home's entrance had huge pots filled with perennials. Very impressive entrance!

Her home had a long driveway with this cute fence lined with cheerful daisies...love them!

The return ferry ride had a 5 hours wait so we decided to go around the island to Deception Pass.

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.
~ Carl Sandburg