Friday, March 5, 2010

Windsor Smith Fabric and Some Good Luck

This morning I was enjoying Joni's blog from Cote de Texas and her remodel of her neighbor's home. I particularly liked the light seafoam green fabric she chose for her client's pillows, chairs, and curtains. It's Windsor Smith's fabric by Kravet in Riad and Cap Deluca.

So after reading this blog I decided I better go to a fabric store and continue searching for a few more samples for my Intro to Interior Design final project. I didn't find what I was looking for but while searching their bargain bins, I came across this fabric for $7.98/yard.

It reminded me of Joni's fabric selections and since there was 2 yards left, I thought I might as well purchase it and use it for some future project at home. When I got home, I looked up the label printed on the side of the fabric and was shocked to discover it's Windsor Smith fabric! This fabric normally sells for $80-$120/yard and I discovered it at Pacific Fabric (of all places) for $7.98/yard! Woo hoo! Below are some photos of the stylish Windsor Smith herself and her family room.

Images by Cote de Texas and House Beautiful

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  1. hi! thanks for this!!!!!!!! you are sooo nice to post this!!!!!!!!

    and i can NOT believe about that fabric! omg!!!!!!!!!! how lucky. it would make a great pillow.

    thanks again