Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coastal Chic Dining Room

I was looking at HGTV's Rate My Space this morning (what's new?) and came across this great dining room that is an eclectic blend of rustic modern, glamour, and coastal casual. Go HERE to rate her space.

I like the grey wicker chairs mixed with the host/hostess chairs that are different with loose slip covers.

If you want to read a great blog write up about grey wicker chairs, check out Cote de Texas's article No More Granny Wicker!

Curtains are fabulous and I wish I knew where she got them!

The owner wasn't utilizing her living room so changed it into a dining room. And why not? If you like to entertain and rarely use the living room, why not change it around a little? It works well here and gives her the space to seat 8 comfortably.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

2010 Snohomish Home Tour

I'm a little late with this post, but last Sunday my husband and I toured several homes for the 2010 Snohomish Home Tour. Several homes stood out to me with clever design ideas.

This home is on a steep hill but the owners took advantage of the slope and have a beautiful perennial garden in the front yard rather than a typical grass lawn. My only suggestion would be to remove the HUGE tree in their front yard which is up against the porch.

Walking up the stairs to the 2nd floor, they took advantage of space and displayed items from all of their travels.

Their front porch was painted with a clever checkerboard pattern. (Husband putting on his shoes)

Next home I liked was a darling 3-story Colonial Revival with Dutch style gambrel roof that had a spectacular view from their backyard.

It was overcast that day so this photo doesn't give the view justice, but imagine the snow top Cascade mountains in your backyard.

I loved the owner's bathroom with the all-white color scheme and vintage feel to it.

Again, another beautiful garden...

This home is newer but the owner Penny and her husband Bill have a beautiful yard and the interior is just as beautiful. I joke with Penny that I drive out of my way each day to work so I can enjoy her yard and she jokes that she does the same each day to see my yard. They have a cute gazebo with vintage chippy paint shutters and candles everywhere.

Exterior photo of their home...

One of the first bathrooms I've seen painted black but I love the beadboard, chandelier, and gorgeous mirror sitting on the vintage tin shelf. I like people that have a sense of humor and I know these two do as there is a tin plaque on the door to the bathroom in French. Typically I've seen plaques that said "La Toilette" but they made it fun and attached the plaque "Musicien" to the bathroom door.

I apologize in advance for the photo quality of these photos but I had the cheap camera which either the flash refused to work or the batteries died twice. This is a couple photos of their office/TV room that has a country French feel to the room. It's a perfect room to relax in!

Penny used to work at the Queen Bee in Snohomish and has a knack of putting together great tablescapes. In her kitchen, she used a higher console table as an island and put glass on the top to protect the painted wood.

At the end of her hallway on the 2nd floor, she put together a great focal point.

Also in the corner of her living room, she draws attention to the corner with flowers and beautiful floral fabric. I noticed she placed her framed pictures partly on the beadboard.

Well, that's it folks with some of the highlights of several homes on the tour. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Snohomish's Annual Home Tour

If you live in the Seattle vicinity and love antiques, art, and old homes, you have to attend the 2010 Historic Snohomish Antiques & Art Faire on Saturday, May 15 and Snohomish's Annual Home Tour on Sunday, May 16. You could make a weekend of it and stay at several B&B's in town! I would recommend you stay at the Countryman Bed & Breakfast, eat a great lunch at the Snohomish Bakery & Cafe, take the walking tour of Snohomish, and finish the evening at The Repp with appetizers, wine, and live jazz (May 15th they'll feature Brad Benefield).

As some of you may know, my husband and I were on the tour 2 years ago and it was a lot of hard work but well worth the effort! If you want to get all your home projects finished, simply volunteer to have 500+ strangers walk through your home, and voila, you're motivated to get things done

Below are some photos of homes that were on the tour last year. For those that can't attend the tour this year, I'll try to take photos of the homes including their interiors.

This home is owned by the artist Mehdi Atelier. He is a wonderful plein aire artist and also a very warm and kind person...the type of person you instantly want to be friends with. My husband and I volunteered at his house for the tour last year and it is incredible (I wish I had taken photos but was distracted by all the great artwork in his home). His artwork can be viewed HERE.

This home is for sale currently and additional photos of the interior and exterior are HERE.

This home was built by John S. White who also built our home.

I hope you make it this year and can view the homes on this tour and see all the local art and antiques!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Powder Rooms

Since the powder room is small, you can use it as a creative outlet in your home by using a stronger graphic wallpaper. Here are some fun examples of what you can do with wallpaper in a powder room.

Modern bathrooms contemporary bathroom

Swallow Drive  powder room

Beverly Hills  powder room

huntley & co. | Spirited Refinement eclectic powder room

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Incredible Backyard

Typically in the Pacific Northwest you don't see many stucco homes with a mediterranean feel to it...which bums me out as it's my favorite style of home. But I found a home on HGTV's Rate My Space and the owners live in Oregon. They successfully married the Northwest with the Southwest and their backyard is incredible! You can rate the home HERE. I gave them a solid five stars as it's well deserving of that grade. Enjoy!

I couldn't resist the front yard either. They traded the upkeep of grass for a front yard of boxwood...very interesting choice but it works well here!