Saturday, July 21, 2012

Perfect Dog Friendly Home

We're thinking of heading down to the Oregon coast next month so I started looking for dog friendly homes and found this cute place at Olivia Beach, Lincoln City, Oregon.  It's called "Dog Paddle" which is an appropriate and clever name for a beach cottage.  On the way down, we'll stop in Portland for lunch, head over to see the Spruce Goose (behemoth airplane below) and of course stop at Tillamook to have cheese and ice cream (yes, in that order). ;-)

From the exterior, Dog Paddle exudes nothing but charm.

I LOVE the board & batten walls!

I wonder where the hobbit door leads to (left of the fireplace)?

Cute and simple kitchen

I like the fact they kept the "beachy" theme to a minimum and kept it simple.

Love the hardwood floors and perfect for dogs (and people) tracking in sand.

I like the linen!

I can't tell you what a great feature this is with the fenced backyard!  This will be the first home that's "pet friendly" that we've rented and had a fenced yard.  It's nice sometimes to open the backdoor and let them run around without fear of them running away and getting lost.

After the trip, we'll report back on the house and post more photos.  Can't wait to get to the ocean!!