Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Color for 2012

The Pantone color of 2012 was announced earlier last month and it is Tangerine Tango I can't imagine a more fun, happy color!

Again, like my post in 2011, it's not a color for the faint of heart. But if used sparingly (for those afraid of too much color) you can use it as little "pops" of color here and there in your home.

Adrienne Chinn uses the color sparingly in this room but it really adds dimension to the otherwise safe colors: white walls and grey sofa.

Cristi Holcombe took a similar approach to this room using a dark neutral grey to the walls and desk but sill adding a pop of color with the reddish-orange.

One of my favorite photos is from Emily Johnston Larkin and a room she recently remodeled. I love her use of layering giving this room a look that all the items were gathered over time. Which in fact I'm sure is true, but she kept it tasteful, fun, and not "staged".

Unfortunately I don't know the source of this photo so if anyone knows, please tell me and I'll give proper credit as it's a fantastic room! I love the warm, saturated colors used in this family room. It's very cozy! I LOVE the Suzani fabric used on the chair (bottom left)!!

Another fun room designed by Jonathan Adler is this open concept living/dining room. I love the colors he put together and the amazing lights he chose for the living room! I'm also partial to the teal/blue dining room chairs.

In fact the more I see this color the more I like it with that teal/blue color. (Sorry I don't know the source of this photo either).

This photo from Better Homes & Garden, also added the teal/blue color with tangerine. This is giving me some inspiration for my curtains in my master bedroom!

This dining room from Lonny e-magazine has lighter neutral colors throughout with the vibrant orange velvet used for the dining room chairs. It picks up the colors found in the painting above the fireplace. Another beautiful use of the color!

It's also a fantastic color for the exterior of your home. Of course Martha Stewart comes up with classic designs with the vibrant color. I noticed again that it's used against neutral dark colors.

Another example of the color being used against a dark neutral color by Anthropologie.

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