Sunday, March 21, 2010

Going Vegan

I grew up as a vegetarian but swayed over to the meat eating side for the last 20 years. As much as I like a good filet mignon, I didn't feel good about what I was eating. So after watching Alicia Silverstone on Oprah, my husband and I decided to become vegetarian. I'll still eat eggs, cheese, and some milk but I'm avoiding meat. It's been 3 months now and we both lost some weight as a result of our diet change and we both feel better...kind of a lighter feel to things (I'm not sure how to explain it).

My biggest challenge has been eating out. I usually have to pre-plan by looking at the online menus, but have discovered very few restaurants cater to vegetarians. Except for one great restaurant in the Madison Valley neighborhood of Seattle called Cafe Flora.

I'm tired of veggie burgers and tofu items, so I need to learn other ways to prepare food and take a little more time with dinner. We're eating there tonight with friends and I'm going to pick up their cookbook and it can be purchased directly at the restaurant or at HERE.

Have any of you tried their recipes?

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