Sunday, September 19, 2010

Making Every Inch Count

This garden was featured recently in Seattle Homes & Lifestyles magazine and it's breathtaking! Landscape designer Scot Eckley, owner of Scot Eckley Inc., transformed his own small home garden in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle.

The blueprint for the garden.

Behind the dining table, there is bench seating with a raised planter of lettuce. They call it their "salad bar".

They added a thoughtful touch to the fountain with a spigot at the bottom and carved stone bowl so their dog can drink water.

I like the antique iron gate with the contemporary horizontal wood fencing!

I like the simplicity of the empty wine bottle holding the freshly picked flowers from the garden.

I want to know where they got the rain barrel...very cool!

(all images from Seattle Homes & Lifestyles)

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