Sunday, November 20, 2011

Change It Up

I really haven't dropped off the face of the planet ;-) We've had a very busy summer with the sale of our home, starting two new businesses, and still working full-time jobs on top of it all.

So our house...we sold it this fall and Tanya Mock was incredible! I highly recommend her as a real estate agent as she was very professional, personable, and got us buyers immediately. I'm very sad to leave our old house as we put so much work and effort into it but excited to see what will come next.

As our house sold quickly, we were left scrambling for a house so decided to rent our friend's house temporarily as she's living out of state. So for now we have the option of purchasing something local or as we've always dreamed of, purchasing a vacation home. We still haven't decided but have had fun looking into both options.

One place we love to visit is Seabrook, WA. I always laugh when I see this cheesy sign when driving through the town of Aberdeen (Kurt Cobain's hometown) on the way to Seabrook.

The beach is fabulous and the little town is cute, quaint, and well thought out. It's a "new" town and the management team does a fabulous job making guests feel at home.

When you arrive, you go to their rental cottage to pick up your house key and this fabulous guest tote with tons of goodies! They really do think of everything!!

The last home we stayed at was the Eleanor Cottage. I picked it specifically due to the historic black/white photos throughout the home. One word can describe this cottage: DARLING!

The cottage is small but perfect for two people and two dogs. The owners of the cottage (she has to be a designer is my guess) kept the palette simple with black and white.

It's an open concept so the small living room shares space with a built-in nook/dining area and kitchen.

I couldn't find a good online photo of the kitchen so here's a photo I took. Ignore the mess as we had just dragged everything in (mostly dog paraphenalia). Did you notice the gallon of paint on the counter? Yep, it's the first thing I found when snooping through the house. I was curious as to what color the owner used on the walls.

And yes, I took a photo for future use. ;-)

It was a great weekend at Seabrook and we just relaxed and tinkered around the town, hiked, and walked the dogs down to the beach. I know a lot of people dislike the Pacific Northwest for the gray days and "gloom" but I found it very relaxing and enjoyed the tranquility and stillness of it. It felt like we were the last two people on the planet and honestly we needed that after the chaos of selling a home, moving, and working 90 hours/week. It was a fantastic & perfect getaway!

(images from Seabrook, WA)

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