Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rich Colors

I've been told that I gravitate towards the more saturated colors and I'd have to agree. There's just something "cozy" and "comforting" with the darker, richer colors. This house is something I instantly loved the moment I saw it on Windermere Real Estate. Even though it's not nearby, it's in a southeastern Washington town that's really growing especially with their vineyards (besides the sweet onion of course).

This is a perfect example of great "curb appeal".

I love the extended porch and the pergola as it adds architectural elements to the home.

The foyer. I was surprised they went with tiled floors but considering Walla Walla can get really hot in the summers, this is probably a wise choice.

Very dramatic dining room! I would think it's a little too dark but the windows really lighten up the space.

LOVE the grey-blue colored walls! They go perfectly with the rich, chocolate browns, carmels, and rusty orange couch (love the couch!!!) My only dislike is the artwork above the mantel. I'm not sure if this house was staged or not but the personal knick-knack board is distracting. It needs a mirror or better yet...this.

Gorgeous kitchen with the painted wood cabinets and stained wood island! The grey-blue walls continue in this space and extra thought was put into the kitchen back splash with the tumbled marble tiles.

A very feminine master bedroom that overlooks the backyard.

The master bathroom continues with the feminine theme, but I still like it, especially the contemporary clawfoot tub.

I've never seen this done before but the shutters go 3/4 up the window. Definitely different but it works!

Perfect example of how you can take simple subway tile and dress it up!

The guest bedroom has lighter colors on the walls which is nice to visually break up the richer colors used elsewhere in the home.

Very cute little girl's room!

The backyard isn't so large (total lot size is only 10,571 feet) but they took great advantage of the space and used it well for entertaining.

Do I spy two garbage cans used as planters? Cool!

(all images *and more* can be found here)

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