Friday, February 12, 2010

The Beginning of a Concept

For my final project in class, we create a design board for our "client". I asked a co-worker, Michelle, to fill out a questionnaire of things she wants for her home. All the students will be using the same floor layout but individually we create a concept board for our "client" based on their style. Michelle was excited to fill out the questionnaire as she is living in her first apartment with her husband and really doesn't know what her style is. So it's my job to decipher it based on her answers. It's been fun and challenging! My first step was to pick flooring for her living space and start creating the seating arrangement. I originally wanted to go with a shag rug on hardwood floors in the living room, but she recently got a little Yorkie Poo named Chloe. That put a kink in the plan as Chloe hasn't figured out the difference between the potty pads and the carpet. Who can blame her? It's the same texture (sort of) and she's a few weeks old. So the shag rug was out. But then I remembered the company Flor. They create these great carpet tiles that are easy to clean and cost effective to replace if damaged. So with that in mind, I've decided the carpet tiles over hardwood floor for the living room is the best solution for now. Keep in mind, Michelle's style is a combination of contemporary, casual, cozy, warm "wine country". She likes wood, warm colors, small or minimal prints (no floral), and a hint of femininity added to the space. So I've come up with a few ideas to start creating her space.

Flor Carpet Tile for Living Room.

What I like best about these tiles is the pattern adds movement to the space but the colors are subtle and warm with the olive green, tan, gold, and off-white. I plan on a leather sofa chaise much like this to "float" over the Flor carpet tiles.

(Restoration Hardware)

So I have a ways to go with this project as only two things have been decided upon, but it gives me the starting point I need to continue making my choices.

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