Sunday, February 28, 2010

Exterior Paint

When we purchased our home, it was a mint green color. Hideous! So I hired a designer to pick our exterior paint colors and I love what she selected for us but lately I've been itching to try something different. Currently, we have Benjamin Moore paint: Main Color is Gloucester Sage, lighter color on the "picket fence pattern" is Nantucket Gray, and window/door trim is a creamy white/basic black. Our house was photographed last summer for a book that might be printed about the architect J.S. White (who built and lived in our home).

Lately, though I've been wanting something lighter in color. As we remodeled the kitchen 2 years ago, I discovered the original colors of the home was white and sage trim. Now, I'm not a purist in the sense that I feel I have to get back to the original colors, but it was inspirational to me. And since the paint is already peeling from the paint job two years ago (sad to say but finding good painters is hard!) I've tempted to do something similar to the guest cottage below to give the house a more coastal look.

Image from Willow Decor

What I'm stumped on is how to handle the upside down picket fence design on the 2nd floor. Do I paint it white and paint the little circles/triangles sage? And how can I add shingles to the house without ruining the Carpenter/Gothic style of the home?

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  1. I really love your beautiful house. We live in Walla Walla, and we are currently remodeling our half acre landscaping and circa 1932 craftsman home, and have been considering Gloucester Sage for the exterior along with Mascarpone creamy white trim. We are trying to choose a roof color, and we have a brand new glacier stone garden wall and this stone will also be on the house. I am curious if you have painted your house yet? I also love the colors on the image you posted from Willow Door. Do you know, or have you matched these colors with any Benjamin Moore colours? Do you have any other pictures? Thank you. - Suzanne