Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lighthearted & Charming

Recently a post was made on HGTV's Rate My Space and the owners of this home had fun with the entry and retaining the home's charm. Not always an easy feat, but they did a great job!

The owner's exterior paint selections are perfect for keeping a subtle, warm feeling to the home. Did you notice the 3rd paint color used for the window muntins and sash? Typically someone would have chosed white but they took it a step further and used a golden sand color for the windows. I love those little details!

I love how the curtains soften the front porch and give it a breezy attitude. The landscaping is perfect too and I love the variety of colors and texture...especially the trumpet vine!

Their entry keeps the same lighthearted charm as the exterior by using a lighter blue wall color and mixing contemporary art with an antique garden statue. Did you notice the hat thrown on the head of the statue? Love it!

Another view of the front entry and it's cool how the 3-D art leaves shadows on the wall. Also, the arrangement of the antique prints is very clever. I like how tightly displayed they are...almost appears as one print.

The home office/guest room is a fun collection of art and books. I'm intrigued with the bookcase as it appears to be made of plastic?

I love the color combination of the grey/brown colored walls and eggplant colored fabric draped over the desk.

On to the dining room which has a beautiful paisley wallpaper and did you notice the gorgeous antique light fixture! I love how the tassles of the table runner mimics the fabric shades of the chandelier.

The owner said they kept the original cabinets but updated the hardware and added soapstone counters, subway tile backsplash, and new appliances. I like the off-white grout they used on the subway tile as it adds a little more visual texture to the wall. Did you notice they added the color blue to the ceiling? Love it!

The kitchen nook was kept simple and beautiful with a window seat and the simple marble table, white wall, and displayed artwork on clever little wood blocks.

To see more of their home, go here.

(Images from HGTV's Rate My Space)

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