Monday, July 5, 2010

Weird. But Cool.

There is a home for sale on Whidbey Island which I could best describe as bohemian, contemporary, artsy, and eclectic...and maybe a little bit weird in a cool way.

My first reaction was "is this a compound?"

But wait. The color palette is too cool for a compound.

The fireplace in the living room is modern but with a whimsical patchwork of tiles that remind me of a quilt.

View of the dining room looking into the living room. The antler chandelier is cool, but I want to reach out and straighten it as it's a little lop-sided.

View of the kitchen overlooking the dining room. I love the fabric used for the lower cabinets!

Here you can see more of the fabric used. Obviously, a woman lives here and is very confidant in her style. I like that! The windows are great as they add in much needed natural light and the cement countertops work perfectly with this style.

I thought the wavy brick pattern in the dining room/kitchen was a fun element to add to the space. Nothing boring in this house!

I love the walnut wood and steel stairs!

Now here's an interesting choice. Traditional floral wallpaper for the master bedroom. At first I thought this doesn't work, but then remembered the owner loved floral as evidence of the fabric in the kitchen. Again, it works in a weird way. Although the pendant lights are distracting.

The master bathroom is tiled with river rock/pebbles and throws off a modern spa vibe to the bathroom but I love how the owner softened it with floral sconces (you can see them in the reflection of the glass)

This is the children's bedroom and it's so cute with the toys, tutus tucked into the corner, and the sweet quilt on the bed. It's a very cute room!

Back downstairs we have the guest bathroom and it follows the same design aesthetic as upstairs with the river rock. It's a Japanese Soaking tub and very cleverly tiled with the "water" spilling over the edge. I'd be curious to know if it's comfortable to lay on river rock?

A little bit of everything...

Okay. Darling greenhouse! It's a collection of different windows but I love how it's thrown together. The owner obviously has a great gift for making something appear effortless but I bet a lot of thought went into it. Very clever!

Obviously bird lovers which I think is great that they also thought of the little ones as well when building this home. Did you notice the hand-made crochet throws on the chairs? I think this owner puts value to hand-made items and the beauty of them.

Incredible view! The property sits on 10 acres and has a peek-a-boo view of Puget Sound.

Again, the compound. Did you notice it sits on a concrete (my husband thought bomb shelter) basement...I'm not even going to broach that subject, but suffice to say, very cool!

And if the owner ever reads this, I think you're cool and brave in your design choices and it all comes together successfully. This is the type of person who'd you love to have over for dinner and I bet she (and he) have fun stories to tell!

(Images from Windermere Real Estate/South Whidbey)

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