Monday, June 28, 2010

Bellevue Garden Tour 2010

I was supposed to go to the North Seattle Garden Tour on Saturday but ended up working, so instead my husband and I attended the Bellevue/Mercer Island Garden Tour on Sunday. The ticket prices were a bit steep at $25/person; however, it helps raise money for the Bellevue Philharmonic so I thought it was a good cause.

The first home was incredible and I'd like to call it the Rose House. The property is in Newport Shores of Bellevue and many of the homes are on a canal which links to Lake Washington.

Some of the homes had restored cars in their front driveway which was fun to look at and kept the men (husband) interested in the show.

This home had a relaxing space and you can view the pergola they are still building.

Husband chasing kitty...

Love this potting shed!

View of Bellevue

View of Seattle (Lake Washington in the foreground and Olympic Mountains in the background)

The third home quite frankly bored me and I didn't take any photographs of the hostas. But the pair of Morgans were fun!

The fourth home was in a very tranquil area of Mercer Island. It would have had a view but they kept the natural vegetation and trees so I admire them for their restraint.

Too cute!

Did you notice the reflection of my husband holding the ever present Starbucks? That man drinks at least 5 venti's of drip coffee/day!

And last but not least, this cute home had a very peaceful backyard and beautiful pond.

I love the blown glass in the pond...

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