Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This afternoon I visited my favorite store Faded Elegance in Snohomish and picked up this beauty! It's temporarily in the corner of our family room but we're going to move it in a few days and put a large screen TV above it. Our TV is currently in the armoire but due to the size of the armoire we couldn't fit a larger screen TV in it...so, my husband gets the big TV and I get an antique table. Fair trade.

Kimberly is the owner of Faded Elegance and you need to view her blog as she has great design ideas and inspires me each time I visit her store!!

(In case you're curious, the paint colors in our family room are from Benjamin Moore. Trim/beadboard is "Lancaster White" and the wall is "Camouflage")

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  1. Aww.... you make me blush! Sounds like a fair trade to me ;)
    It was nice to see you yesterday~ Kimberly