Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm not getting it...

Have you been watching HGTV's Design Star? I've watched it each year and have always enjoyed the show but this year, I'm not getting it.

In episode three, they had to choose a musical instrument and redesign an outdoor patio to represent the instrument. Nina chose the french horn and this wall is an interpretation of it.

Sorry, I don't understand the squiggles other than I think she's trying to interpret notes on a bar, but that's just a guess. She won this episode and I'm not sure why as their budget seems pretty impressive but each week they seem to come up short in displaying quality work. I really wanted to see design and creativity, not 1x2's nailed to a wall with squiggly paint work behind it. I'm just sayin'...

In the photo above you can see more of the patio, but I noticed there isn't a good conversation layout as both pieces of furniture seem to be pointed outward so everyone has to turn sideways to talk to each other. That's uncomfortable. In addition, they didn't address the floor. Here was a huge opportunity to do something fun and casual with the floor but they left it as cold concrete. I see the guitar in the corner but nothing associated with it (maybe the wood 1x2's?)

Now on to the other side of the patio. Is that a picnic table? And what is up with the wood planks as the wall? It's as if the right side of the patio has nothing to do with the left side and as a result it's not cohesive. Again, they went to some very nice high end outdoor furniture stores and the best they could come up with is a picnic table dressed up with a tablecloth and planks of wood nailed vertically? This all reminds me of trying to decorate your first home/apartment when the fundage is low. This is all disappointing! I'll watch the show one more time, but if I see amateurish work like this again, I quit. ;-)

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